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  • Cody Meade

Lochinvar Parts Supplier

Have you ever been to a job to replace a part only to find out the supplier sold you the wrong part or you had to order a part and you were told there was a really long lead time and your customer couldn't wait that long? Hydronic Supply & Engineering is the areas largest supplier of Lochinvar boiler and water heater replacement parts and the knowledge and expertise to get you the part you need.

We have a large stock of parts, including parts for older models that are difficult to find. If we happen to not have one in stock we have short lead times usually within two days depending on the part you are looking for and we can deliver it straight to you. Hydronic Supply also has access to the Lochinvar warehouses and if it is available there you can pick it up directly. When you call or visit Hydronic Supply for Lochinvar parts it is helpful to have the model and serial number of the unit you are working on, on hand. Different serial numbers for the same models of boilers or water heaters often use different parts. Having this information ensure that we are getting you the correct part you need.

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